The Moth-er


Not actually the moth-er

The genius of this super-villain is entirely in the confusing spelling of the name. Written as “The Mother,” almost all who see it will assume the villain is female, and presumably has children, or children analogues like pets, mind-controlled humans, a robot army, zombies, alien seedlings or perhaps all of the above at once.

But in reality this villain will be a moth-themed nemesis of unknown origin and personality, more properly written and pronounced as “The Moth-er” and not mother.

The confusion, assuming his name is always written and never spoken in the presence of superheroes, ought to buy him an extra minute or three to complete his nefarious deeds. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when most vile plots are foiled with seconds to spare, an additional minute might amount to the end of the world as we know it.

A closing thought: if the mother is code for “one who moths,” then what’s that even mean? Catches moths? Why identify with the prey rather than the predator? Shouldn’t that make the villain’s icon something more like a bat or a spider then? Or maybe just a small net at the end of a long pole?

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